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Amena Divine

About Me

Amena Divine is a God-gifted and licensed psychic advisor with over 35 years of reading experience. She was born in a small town into a large family of six children and began tapping into her gift as a young teen. She became fully aware of her gift soon after when she predicted the deaths of her brother and cousin in dream-based premonitions. Amena later went on to become a wife and mother of five children. Whilst continuing to practice her gift, Amena accurately predicted the passing of her husband.

Amena is now the grandmother of four grandchildren, each of which she accurately predicted the gender. Amena is a practicing Christian and a fourth-degree member in Astara. She is very well versed in many areas inclusive of but not limited to:

Esoteric and occult studies
Various religious studies
I ching

Amena is also an animal lover, providing a home to four rescued dogs and five birds. If you are interested in a reading for your pet, please visit her pet reading page at www.purrfectpawspetreadings.com/
Amena is a licensed Psychic Entertainer in her home state. She comes highly recommended with hundreds of accurately foreseen testimonials. Click here to read some of her testimonials!


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