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Welcome to the Amena Divine website
"This site is the "Original""Authentic !"Amena Divine Psychic Advisor"
A Little bit about Amena Divine......

Amena was born with the "gift", she is a god gifted psychic advisor. Amena was born in a small town into a large family of six children.She accurately predicted the deaths of her future husband,
brother and cousin through dreams when she was a teenager.
Amena is a mother and a grandmother.Amena has three sons,two daughters and three grandsons and one grandaughter.Amena accurately predicted the sex of her grandchildren! 
Amena is also an animal lover,she has provided homes for four rescued dogs and has five birds .
Amena has been doing readings for over thirty years. 
Amena is very knowledgeble in all areas of the estoric studies,she is a fouth degree member in 
Astara,she is also a practicing Christian.
Amena knows all about different Religions,Dreams,Spiritualism,Astrology,Kabala,Numerology,
Runes,I Ching,Tarot and all areas of the occult and estoric studies.
Amena is a liscened Psychic Entertainer in her home state.
Amena does readings over the telephone or in person,she is also avalible for wellness fairs,private parties and fairs,private parties,and fairs, and flea markets.

Why should you have a reading with Amena Divine ?

Amena is Amazing! Amena is Accurate! Amena is Authentic! Amena is wonderful to talk to,she has wisdom,understanding,guidance and a positive influence on all lives she connects with.Call Amena today! You'll be glad you did.
A reading with Amena will give you insight into your situation.Amena will help bring the real issues to the front and help you resolve your problems.Are you curious about yourself ? your loved ones?
your ex? your husband? your wife? your friends? your job? where your career is going? past and future?money?luck? future and past relationships?do you need clarity on a situation or just someone to talk too.
Whatever matters to your heart Amena has the answers.
Amena would love to become your very own personel psychic advisor!
Call Amena today,You'll be glad you did!

What does it cost for a reading?

Amena has no hidden fees! Simply put Amena Divine charges .99 cents a minute.

How can I pay for my reading?

Amena Divine accepts all of the following....
American Express
Diners Club International
Western Union
Checks over the phone
Payments thru the mail

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